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Master of Science Program in Environmental Management Technology

(International Program)

Curricular Title

Master of Science Program in Environmental Management Technology (International Program)

Degree Title

Master of Science (Environmental Management Technology)


M.Sc. (Environmental Management Technology)

Curricular Philosophy and Goals

Master of Science in Environmental Technology Management (International Program) emphasizes on producing graduates with knowledge and research skills for applying technological knowledge for protecting, problem-solving and managing natural resources and environment sustainably while exhibiting academic integrity and ethics.


Admission Requirements

  1. The applicant must hold
    • A master's degree with the cumulative GPA not less than 2.75 or
    • Must have a research or relevant work experience
    • The applicant who does not meet the requirements may be admitted with an approval form program committee
  2. The applicant must submit a TOEFL or an IELTS score. The score must not be older than two years from the date on which it is issued, to the date of application.
  3. The applicant must submit
    • Transcript
    • Recommendation letter form advisor or supervisor
    • Concept paper of research interest
  4. Admission schedule
Date and Time Venue
15 December 2014 Opening date for applications for admission
31 January 2015 Deadline to accept your admission offer
16 February 2015 Announcement
4 March 2015 Interview (Time 09:00 to 16:30 ) at Building 1 Faculty of technology and environment Prince of Songkla University, Phuket campus
21 March 2015 Announce List of Successful Candidates
  1. Research direction
    • Geographic Information and Remote Sensing
    • Disaster monitoring
    • Biophysical of plants estimation
    • Phenology and dynamics of plants
    • Web-Based GIS
    • Climate monitoring
    • Land used and land cover change
    • Natural resources surveying and monitoring
    • Quality improvement of water sources.
    • Coastal resource management
    • Natural resource management, and evaluation of environmental impacts assessment
    • Waste, heavy metal and pollution management
    • Sustainable tourism.
  1. Contact
    • More information about program and research assistant scholarship please contact Dr. Werapong Koedsin
    • Email:
    • call to +66-7627-6119-20
    • Mobile: +66 803 297 155
    • Fax: 0-7627-6102

Curriculum Structure and Components

The students must complete a minimum requirement of 36 credits to graduate.  The course program is divided into 3 options:


Subject Options (Credits)
A1 A2
Compulsory Course - 12
Selected Topics - 6
Dissertation for M.Sc. 36 18
Total 36 36


Option A1: Thesis for M.Sc. 36 credits

979-301 Thesis for M.Sc. 36
979-105 Seminar on Environmental Management Technology S/U


Option A2: Courses and thesis 36 credits

979-101 Research Methodology 3
979-102 Integrated Environmental Problem Solving 3
979-103 Technology for Environmental Management 3
979-104 Environmental  Systems 3
979-105 Seminar on Environmental Management Technology S/U
979-XXX Selected Topics 6
979-301 Thesis for M.Sc. 18



Selected Topics

Subject code Subject Credit
I. Environmental Technology and Management Module  
979-541 Environmental Pollution: Prevention and Management 3(3-0-6)
979-542 Advanced Pollution Treatment Technology 3(3-0-6)
979-543 Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology 3(3-0-6)
979-544 Mathematical Modelling on Environmental Applications 3(3-0-6)
979-551  Environmental Risk Assessment and Management 3(3-0-6)
979-552 Life Cycle Assessment of Products 3(3-0-6)
979-553 Climate Change and Environmental Management 3(3-0-6)
979-554 Green City 3(3-0-6)
979-555 Urban Environmental Management 3(3-0-6)
979-556 Decision Support System for Environmental Management 3(3-0-6)
II. Integrated Technology and Biological Environment Module
979-561 Integrated Coastal Zone Management 3(3-0-6)
979-562 Marine and Coastal Protected Areas 3(3-0-6)
III. Environmental Geoinformatics Technology and Modeling Module
979-531 Advance Remote Sensing 3(3-0-6)
979-532 Geographic Information System 3(3-0-6)
979-533 Geoinformatics and Risk Management 3(3-0-6)
979-534 Spatial Analysis in Environmental Problem 3(2-2-5)
IV. Sustainable Tourism and Socio-environment Module
979-571 Sustainable Tourism Product Development and Management 3(3-0-6)
979-572 Policy Planning and Participatory Approach 3(3-0-6)
979-573 Technology for Sustainable Tourism 3(3-0-6)
V. Special study and special topic  
979-506 Special Study 3(0-0-9)
979-507 Special Topics I 3(3-0-6)
979-508 Special Topics II 3(3-0-6)

Faculty Members Responsible for the Program

 aj_sakshin Prof. Dr. Sakshin Bunthawin
Ph.D. (Physics),Prince of Songkla University
Email : sakshin.b(at)

 aj_worawit Prof Dr. Worawit Wongniramaikul
Ph.D. (Environment Management),Chulalongkorn University
Email : worawit.won(at)

 aj_raymond Raymond James RITCHIE
PhD (Plant Physiology),University of Sydney
Email : raymond.r(at)

 aj_wilasinee Dr.Wilasinee Sriprom
Ph.D. (Polymer Chemistry),University of Sydney
Email : wilasinee(at)

 aj_chantinee Dr.Chantinee Boonchai
Ph.D. (Environmental Management),University Of Queensland
Email : chantinee.b(at)

Teaching Staff

 aj_werapong Dr.Werapong Koedsin
PhD. (Survey Engineering),Chulalongkorn University
Email : werapong.g(at)

 aj_wanchitra Dr.Wanchitra Tohwanlong
PhD. (Applied Mathematics and Computational Science)Chulalongkorn University
Email : wanchitra(at)

 aj_naiyana Asst.Prof.Dr. Naiyana Srichai
Ph.D. (Science Education)University Of Iowa
Email : naiyana.s(at)

 aj_wadcharawadee Dr.Wadcharawadee Limsakul
Ph.D. (Bioengineering)University Of Queensland
Email : wadcharawadee.n(at)

 no_image Dr.Sangdao Wongsai
Ph.D. (Statistics)Macquarie University, Australia
Email : sangdao.w(at)

 no_image Dr.Rawee Ratanakorn
D.Phil. (Geoinformatics),Suranaree University of Technology
Email : rawee.r(at)

 no_image Dr.Siriwan Ruamkaew
D.Phil. (Geoinformatics),Suranaree University of Technology
Email :

 no_image Dr.Danai Tipmanee
Ph.D. (Environment Management),Chulalongkorn University
Email : danai.t(at)

 no_image Dr.Pensiri Akkajit
Ph.D. (Environment Management),Chulalongkorn University
Email : pensiri.a(at)

 no_image Asst. Prof. Dr. AREE CHOODUM
Email : aree.c(at)

Visiting Faculty

 alfredo Professor Dr. Alfredo Huete,
University of Technology, Sydney
Email : -

 Don McNeil Professor Dr. Don McNeil,
Macquarie University
Email : -

 Associate Professor Bob Beeton Associate Professor Bob Beeton,
University of Queensland
Email : -

Master of Science Program in Environmental Management Technology